Here is a just little bit about my life and what I enjoy!


When I was 18 years old, my dad told me that I had to either get a job and pay bills to live in his house, or join the military. So after High School graduation I enlisted to join the Air Force; Unfortunately I listened to a friend that had also joined and I told the Air Force that I had asthma when I was younger. This caused my paperwork to stack up with old doctors reports. After 6 months I said screw the AF and went to the Navy and told them nothing. Weeks later I was about to swear in and MEPS, but they found my old peperwork in the system from the AF and told me that I was unable to join most branches due to the military cutback spending in 2014. So I went to community college and lived paycheck to paycheck for two years while earning my Associates of Arts. In 2016 I transfered here to Texas State, and am now in my last semester of school. Ever.

I'm not really sure what I want to do with my life, all I know is that I want it to involve sports. My DREAM job would be to maintain a pubic sports figure and run his/her personal PR squad.

My entire life I have loved sports. Ever since I was 1 and was introduced to a squishy baseball. My parents even said my first word was "ball."

The first sport I played was soccer. I was good at it but it did not hold my interest as much as baseball or basketball did. After Soccer. I would begin playing baseball at 6 years old and quit playing after my senior year in Highschool.

Nowadays however, I prefer to watch football. I got really into Fantasy Football about 7 years ago and ever since then watching football has been so entertaining to me! You can catch me sitting on my couch during football season on a Sunday at 12 o'clock, until the Sunday night football game is finished. Football season is in my opinion the best season of the year. You get